Amnesty program for illegal immigrants in Mexico

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Mexico is offering undocumented foreigners amnesty if they come forward and apply for legal status. The issue of illegal immigrants living in Mexico is an open secret. Rather than face deportation foreigners who don't have documents are getting a chance to legalize their status under a temporary program.
The National Migration Institute webpage describes the program as "directed to all foreigners who have made Mexico their permanent residence, but because of diverse circumstances have not been able to regularize their stay in our country."
This year (2015) between 12th of January and 18th of December, the Mexican government is allowing undocumented foreigners who come forward to "legalize" their status to do so without paying a fine.
Mexico increased deportations in 2014 sending more than 64,000 foreigners back to their home countries.
Deportations peaked over the summer when thousands of Central American migrants were traveling through Mexico on the way to the U.S. border.
The temporary amnesty program does not specify any income or asset levels to get the temporary residency, although there is a long list of items and declarations that one would have to produce to prove one has been in the country since before November 9, 2012. Once the application is made, Mexican Immigration has only 10 days to make a decision. If granted, the applicant will also get the right to work in Mexico.
The program calls for some fees for the application procedures.. It prevents applicants from being arrested or deported during the application process. The program only provides a one-time four-year temporary residency, with no specific track towards permanent residency or citizenship when the four years are up.
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Mexico announces amnesty program for illegal immigrants


Article 1. - The objective of the Program is to establish the assumptions, requirements and procedures temporarily applicable for the National Immigration Institute to regularize the immigration status of foreigners who are in the country and express their interest to reside temporarily therein.
Article 2. - This program applies to a foreign person who entered Mexico before November 9, 2012 and who at January 13, 2015 is residing in the country in an irregular (illegal) migratory situation.
The preceding applies provided the foreign person is not subject to any of the following:
I. Have an immigration procedure pending, except that directly arising from such proceedings to comply with this Program.
II. Is subject to a process of assisted return or deportation;
III. Has provided false information or presented before the National Immigration Institute official documentation, false or or genuine, but that was obtained fraudulently;
IV. Have been deported and have a current entrance restriction;
V. Be subject to criminal prosecution or convicted of a felony under the national criminal laws or the provisions of international treaties and conventions to which Mexican is a party;
VI. May compromise national security or public safety based upon history in Mexico or abroad;
VII. Be subject to express prohibitions issued by competent authority;
VIII. Have failed to comply with an order to depart issued within the Program period;
IX. Have committed an irregular immigration status after January 13, 2015, and
Any other portions of Immigration Law, its Regulations and other legal provisions applicable.
In the case of V and VI of this Article, the immigration authorities will assess the meaning of the relevant decision, addressing the principles of social rehabilitation as well as those relating to family reunification.

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